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Photos by: Lerato Dumse and Zanele Muholi

Duduza Women’s Development Forum celebrated its first birth day by hosting a fun walk in Duduza on August 26 2018. Following the walk the members then gathered at Duduza Library for a formal program of speeches and motivational messages from invited delegates including Gauteng Parliamentary Speaker Ntombi Mekgwe. The forum is a space for Women residing in Duduza, Tsakane, Kwa-Thema, Geluksdal, John Dube, Vlakfontein and surrounding areas to meet to seek employment and business opportunities.

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Photos by: Lerato Dumse

Walking in the footsteps of the 1956 generation, South African Women and gender non conforming people marched in their provinces with the aim of shutting down the economy of the country and call on government to take a stance on the high levels of gender based violence and femicide incidents in the country. The march happened on August 1 to coincide with National Women’s Month. The march in Tshwane started from Marabastad and moved to the Union Buildings with intentions of handing over the memorandum to President Cyril Ramaphosa. When the president failed to meet with the marchers and sent Minister Naledi Pandor, the group was not pleased and vowed not to leave the Union Buildings until the President met with them. A group of marchers then occupied the entrance of the building and remained until the president eventually met with them after 8pm hours after he was due to have received the memorandum. IMG_9657 copyIMG_9663 copyIMG_0005 copyIMG_9700 copyIMG_9706 copyIMG_9713 copyIMG_9742 copyIMG_9744 copyIMG_9774 copyIMG_9778 copyIMG_9789 copyIMG_9795 copyIMG_9803 copyIMG_9798 copyIMG_9815 copyIMG_9807 copyIMG_9851 copyIMG_9849 copyIMG_9887 copyIMG_9952 copyIMG_9985 copyIMG_9990 copyIMG_9905 copyIMG_0078 copyIMG_0076 copyIMG_0019 copyIMG_0040 copyIMG_0028 copyIMG_0049 copyIMG_0063 copyIMG_0060 copyIMG_0070 copyIMG_0083 copyIMG_0084 copyIMG_0090 copyIMG_0095 copyIMG_0105 copyIMG_0106 copyIMG_0108 copyIMG_0109 copyIMG_9924 copyIMG_9918 copyIMG_0102 copyIMG_0096 copyIMG_0135 copyIMG_0131 copyIMG_0140 copyIMG_0150 copyIMG_0127 copyIMG_0160 copyIMG_0151 copyIMG_0146 copyIMG_0199 copyIMG_0192 copyIMG_0193 copy


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Photos by: Lerato Dumse

The community of Kwa-Thema marched to the Springs Magistrate Court to deliver their memorandum of demands and submit case numbers of murder dockets that have gone cold. The march was a collaboration of various foundations and families of murdered residents including Thembisile Lucia Yende Foundation, Refiloe Thuto Foundation, Ayanda Simelane Family, Thabang Xaba Foundation, Ikusasa Lethu Foundation, Department of Social Development, Men’s Forum and Family Glue. The march which happened on July 26 started from Kwa-Thema Hall and ended in Springs.IMG_9245 copyIMG_9250 copyIMG_9252 copyIMG_9259 copyIMG_9269 copyIMG_9274 copyIMG_9280 copyIMG_9291 copyIMG_9299 copyIMG_9304 copyIMG_9309 copyIMG_9311 copyIMG_9331 copyIMG_9350 copyIMG_9384 copyIMG_9395 copyIMG_9402 copyIMG_9405 copyIMG_9417 copyIMG_9421 copyIMG_9442 copyIMG_9451 copyIMG_9461 copyIMG_9466 copyIMG_9471 copyIMG_9480 copyIMG_9490 copyIMG_9497 copyIMG_9515 copyIMG_9523 copyIMG_9525 copyIMG_9245 copyIMG_9250 copyIMG_9252 copyIMG_9259 copyIMG_9269 copyIMG_9274 copyIMG_9280 copyIMG_9297 copyIMG_9299 copyIMG_9304 copyIMG_9309 copyIMG_9331 copyIMG_9350 copyIMG_9384 copyIMG_9395 copyIMG_9402 copyIMG_9405 copyIMG_9417 copyIMG_9421 copyIMG_9442 copyIMG_9451 copyIMG_9461 copyIMG_9466 copyIMG_9471 copyIMG_9480 copyIMG_9490 copyIMG_9497 copyIMG_9515 copyIMG_9523 copyIMG_9525 copy

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by: Lerato Dumse

Coming together in their late thirties and early forties, members of PAC came together to remember their fallen heroes. The late 90s in Kwa-Thema are known as a period of conflict between PASO  and COSAS. Many mothers buried their children during the clashes.

The road to democracy was not a smooth journey because many lives were lost. During the commemoration respecting the many young lives lost and candidates of freedom fighters.

The first  speaker graced us and went directly to the point of losing members of the collective.

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Text by: Monica Yona

The Gauteng Department of Health, Gauteng LGBTI Sector, and Access Chapter 2 hosted the Gauteng LGBTI Youth Summit on the 12th of May 2018Steve Letsike from Access Chapter 2 was the emcee of the event held at Protea Hotel Capital in Tshwane.

The summit included representatives from five Gauteng Districts Sedibeng, Westrand, Eastrand, Johannesburg and Tshwane. Steve explained that except the Westrand, all other districts have organizations that they work with, as a way of assisting LGBTI youth that need help.


As part of their presentation, Mercy Ndlovu from Sechaba Research Center informed us that the center has HIV outreach in communities. Sechaba is one of the organizations that worked on Truvada also known as PREP, which works as a prevention for the HI Virus.

After the session was opened the next item on the programme was to allow representatives from different organisation to present:
Xola Filana from the Department of Social Development told us that, their department in Sedibeng was clueless about the LGBTI community, until 2006. They now have a Shelter that allows one to stay from six months to a year while receiving psychological help.

Department of Community Safety sent Reggie Modiba as a representative who shared with us that her department’s responsibility is to monitor Police conduct, and also to help the community reach other departments. She also assured us that her department is sensitising its employees.
While Thato Chidarikire from the National Department of Health, said one of their responsibilities is to help minorities reach health services. Tshidiso Koena from Embrace Diversity Political Movement said that their motive as a political movement is to represent LGBTI persons in all aspects of running the country including land expropriation.

Coming from the Department of Justice Ramatiki assured the LGBTI Youth  that gathered at Protea hotel that they sensitise their employees and insure that the department protects the LGBTI community.
Dr Lebo Schultz from the United Nation Population Fund said that they recognize that society doesn’t accept the “grey areas”, and they know that the LGBTI community is not getting the same health services or equal treatment everywhere. She said that all human beings should be free and allowed to express themselves and that is the reason they condemn hate crimes and encourage diversity. Dr Schultz also said that lots of organizations have many ideas, but ideas without implementation is no work at all.
Representing Youth Ambassadors, Monica Yona and Lesley Mdluli each motivated the youth who attended.

In Steve’s talks she highlighted that 71% of LGBTI Youth dropped out of school because of discrimination. While a further 88% of LGBTI persons don’t report hate crimes, only murder is reported.Sadly 12% of LGBTI community is rejected at health institutes and 6% delay seeking or going to health institutes.


In 2006 the LGBTI Sector was tasked with working to better and protect the lives of fellow LGBTI persons, with avenues such as HIV plan, LGBTI Parliament and a task team dealing with court cases.

One of the activities in the Summit’s programme was the “Commission Breakaways” that looked at issues, challenges, recommendations and 3 priorities for LGBTI people in Gauteng. The groups were divided as follows:

  1. Economic Empowerment
  2. Safety and Security.
  3. Education and Health.

These aspects are particularly important in the development of LGBTI Youth.
Steve told the crowd that they are planning on having a Youth Community Center, before requesting the gathered youth to make #LGBTIyouthWithGoals trend.


 The second panel discussions had the following panellists:
Motlatsi Motseoile from Four FellowsDr Eli Rosen from Young Heroes AmbassadorMonica Yonafrom LGBTI Leaderships and Development Programme, Chairperson of VUTLGBTI Nombulelo Bixa, Young Entrepreneur Koketso Given Malapane, and Raphael Dou’a from Access Chapter 2 working as a Refugee Program Coordinator.

Everyone shared their involvement in influencing LGBTI Youth in different aspects and shared life stories. Mpho Nefuri also stood on the podium to talk about her work helping the Youth succeed. The last item was the signing of the pledge under #YouthWithGoals.

VUTLGBTI Chairperson Nombulelo Bixa was asked what influenced her to have the movement at her academic institution; she responded that she was attacked in 2016 on Campus. She then saw it fit to take it upon herself to have a movement that is inclusive of everyone.

Before the event started Steve Letsike from Access Chapter 2 was asked what she hopes to achieve with the summit.
“I hope that young people will speak out about their challenges, and speak about their concerns on how they respond to LGBTI issues in Gauteng; get ideas on how to better deal with LGBTI issues.” Letsike added that the aim is also for young people to be part of the #YouthWithGoals campaign launched later that day, with a mandate to help youth create work opportunities, that will inspire them both socially and economically.


Images courtesy of Access Chapter 2

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Text by: Monica Yona 
Photos by: Lerato Dumse
Different politicians shared and paid their last respects to a giant of a woman, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.14 April 2018 is the day when the country and the world found themselves saying their final goodbyes to the mother of the nation .I wasn’t at mam Winnie’s funeral, as I had to see off a fellow LGBTI sister who has fallen at Mohlakeng Randfontain. On our way to the cemetery with the car radio playing, we had an opportunity to listen to Zenani Mandela’s speech. She was expressing her disappointment in the people who betrayed her mother, and how people failed to show appreciation to mama while she was still alive.

I also got a potion of Bathabile Dlamini’s speech.

The funeral went on for hours, which I believe the proceedings went well.

With all the events that took place in commemorating the life of a struggle angel. The memorials show how she inspired our country, she lived her life fighting the enemy face to face, leading our country to liberation, and she never stopped even in her old age.

I feel fortunate to have been born and live in her life time, making it total bliss to say #IAmWinnieMandela.

May her fighting soul rest in power and peace.

MainMemorial IMG_7010 copy
Dignitaries, Family and Friends gather during the official memorial service.
MainMemorial IMG_7044 copy

Supporters of the ANC and Winnie Madikizela Mandela came in their numbers to remember their leader.

MainMemorial IMG_7041 copy

Large crowds gathered inside and outside Orlando Stadium for the memorial service.

MainMemorial IMG_7082

Members of the ANC Women’s League grouped themselves together and paid tribute to a women who once led the organization.

MainMemorial IMG_7088 copy

Energetic scenes were plenty outside the stadium with people singing and chanting.

MainMemorial IMG_7100 copy

Entrepreneur Dineo Dumse used the economic opportunity selling much needed merchandise.

Events leading to Mam Winnie’s funeral.

With the passing of the struggle icon, and the people’s heroin, the country celebrated, mourned and remembered her life in different ways.

Mam Winnie Nomzamo Madikizela Mandela, passed away on the 2nd of April 2018.
On the 5th of April at Orlando Soweto a lecture commemorating Mam Winnie’s life took place. Comrade Febe Potgieter-Gqubule and Fikile Mbalula addressed the gathering.
They both expressed their out most respect, and told Mam Winnie’s story, which was heart warming, and shared a lot of light on the life that she led.

Lecture IMG_6704 copy

Former ANC Youth League leader Febe Potgieter-Gqubule presented during the memorial lecture.

Lecture IMG_6756 copy

Former minister Fikile Mbalula reminisced about Winnie Madikizela Mandela.

Lecture IMG_6682 copy

Uncle Toms Hall was occupied by community members wanting to learn more and commemorate the life of Winnie Madikizela Mandela

The #IAmWinnieMandela movement had tribute performances for a week at Constitutional Hill, Rorisang was the MC for the whole week.
I personally attended the events twice, which was on the 8th and the 12 April 2018.
On the 8th the artists that graced the stage were Annalyzer, Lebo Segobela, Sphokazi
On the 12th we were graced by Lira, Busiswa, Buhle, Zahara, Annalyzer, and Brenda Mtambo.

I also had the opportunity to attend the official memorial service at Orlando stadium,  where Nomvula Mokonyane and Paul Mashatile were the MCs of the program, while
Soweto Gospel Choir performed.ConHill IMG_6843 copyConHill IMG_6862 copyConHill IMG_6900 copyConHill IMG_6994 copyConHill IMG_7156 copyConHill IMG_7184 copyConHill IMG_7221 copyConHill IMG_7254 copyConHill IMG_7362 copyIMG_6924 copy

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